Old School New Body Review 2015 – Does It Really Work?


The founders of the Old School New Body program are John Rowley and Steve Holman. They developed the Old School New Body for the people above 40 years of age in mind. The Old School New Body review scheme is divided into 3 different segments viz., Lean, Shape and Build. The results produced by the Old School New Body program are awesome and equally beneficial for both men and women. Old School New Body is a fairly large program but the main part of the system is the FX4 method and the 3 different workout systems.

The Old School New Body program is not for everyone. It is just meant for those above the age of 40 years or those who do not fall into the criteria mentioned by the authors.  The program comprises an exclusive workout formula that helps the user to keep looking ten years younger. The program makes the users achieve precise fitness goals such as Losing Weight, toning of body and muscle gain. The users’ present fitness levels would govern the extent of benefit, but the exercises are comfortably done by majority of the target age group.

What Is Old School New Body?

steve-holman-old-school-new-bodyOld School New Body Program is a fitness package that helps its users who are mostly above 40 years of age to achieve optimal fat loss and make a toned physique. An important point to note is that its’ not for everyone. The fitness regime is meant for people above 40 and the methods used in the program are designed in view of the physical limitations of the people in those age groups.

The program is composed of a unique blend of nutrition and workout strategies that are done for only 90-minute per week routine. According to its creators, the fundamental formula that leads to such brilliant results is the F4X Method.

The Old School New Body review program is formed of three main parts according to the current fitness levels of the user. The first period is called F4X Lean and entails the main workout rules along with nutritional requirements for losing fat. The F4X phase only explains in step-by-step instructions about how to lose excess fat. This step does not include body sculpting and toning stages. The users undergoing the F4X phase are expected to achieve their results of losing excess fat in three weeks form the start.

The two phases after the FX4 are elective. The F4X phase is of concern to only those who wish to tone the muscles and attain a shaped physique. If the user only wants to lose excess fat, then they may not consider coming to this phase. In reality, it is considered by many people that merging the first and second parts of the F4X Method contributes to the finest results possible to the user.

The last phase is the FX4 Build and it is meant for only building muscle mass. In the phase of FX4 Build, the user makes a few twists to the simple workout routines of the first phase and the nutritional plan. Ultimately, the user can add about 15 to 30 lbs. of lean muscle mass at the end of this stage. The Old School New Body review is a fitness training guide authored by Steve and Becky Holman. Steve is the Chief Editor of Iron Man Magazine having more than 25 years of experience in fitness.

They have co-authored this book with John Rowley and have dedicated it those people, above forty years of age and want to get fitter. According to them, this is not just another weight loss program. Steve is of the view that the user would have to put him in the attitude of being healthier. It lays special emphasis on anti-aging and on Looking Younger. They feel that possessing such an attitude would motivate them to be with the program until the results are achieved.

The Old School New Body Package

Although, the F4X Method forms the principal of the Old School New Body program, yet there is more to it. The full Old School New Body review package consists of several audio and text guides and many other important components to increment the main package. They include the following:

  • The key way that involves all the facts of the F4X Method and all the steps for the diverse exercise routines.
  • The F4X Quick Start Workout Guide that goes above the stages of the F4X Method in a quick manner for the users who want to get straight to the point.
  • The Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets guide that has added tips and tricks for losing surplus fat speedily.
  • The Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets Guide that has added methods and nutritional tips for quicker fat burning.
  • The Ultimate Muscle Building Guide that gives exclusive tips on the ways to gain lean muscle mass in a small amount of time. This is beneficial to those whose main goal is to build muscle.
  • The Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets Guide that covers proven methods that discharge depression, improve the moods and keep the user’s sex drive active. This is very useful for people aged above 40 years.
  • The Ultimate Health and Happiness Guide is also included that provides established ways of relieving depression and stress, enhance user’s moods, and make him happier overall.
  • A set of five audio interviews from fitness specialists from different places around the world giving tips, strategies and experiences in the world of fitness.

Given below are the examples of techniques and concepts that are trained in the course:

  1. Old School New BodyHow to quickly lose weight by linking simple disparities in the F4X Protocol with the F4X Lean meal plans.
  2. How to add lean muscle and tone the body by simply utilising F4X shape that can make you lean and sexy while aiding to burn the body fat quicker.
  3. How to add 15-20 lbs. of muscle to the structure by doing simple tweaks to the lifts and the diet.
  4. How to adjust each phase of the F4X methods to assist in achieving one’s own fitness goals.
  5. The reason behind why long and extended exercise sessions can make the users age sooner and how they could switch to shorter and targeted workouts to keep radicals away from damaging their body.

The Advantages of Old School New Body

The many benefits of the Old School New Body program generally for those aged above 40 years include the following:

  1. The program satisfies the older people: The program is exclusive since it supplies to a minority niche of above 40 year olds. The program takes into account all the features of physical fitness at such age.
  2. Living proof course: The creators of the program Steve Holman and his wife Becky are living proof of the techniques taught in the program and their achievements.
  3. Customized based on fitness goals and body type: The different stages of the F4X program all have precise goals namely, fat loss, toning and muscle gain. All users belonging to any age group can find a stage that he may fit into.
  4. A good balance between nutrition and exercise. The combination of the programs is framed in a way that the user’s workouts never exceed 90 minutes in a week. This is a big plus for executive and business class.
  5. To add additional value and worth to the program, high quality bonus items are supplemented to the main course.
  6. No strings attached guarantee: The Old School New Body program guide comes with a 60-day no questions asked guarantee that means any user not satisfied with the results or experiencing other issues may get his money back.
  7. Instant availability: The Old School New Body package is readily and instantly available on the official website via online download for a package price of just $ 50.
  8. Becky and Steve Holman’s Old School New Body presently has a Clickbank gravity score of above 175 which is considered as extremely popular. It also is the number one rated workout program for the above-35 individuals in the Clickbank marketplace.

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Verdict : Old School New Body

The program is made for those who are aged 40 and above and looking to attain physical fitness and well-being. The users above the age of 40 may look to do another program but in truth, there is no other fitness program that satisfies the demands of the particular age group such as Old School New Body. Arguably, the best feature of this step-by-step, tailor-made guide by Steve and Becky Holman is it works without pills, having to starve, breaking ones back in the gym or doing long cardio exercise sessions. The Old School New Body workout guide is not made for the people who can’t train hard. It is also not for those who consider that they can improve their bodies in just a few days. Finally, the F4X program is also not for the people who believe in false facts and myths about losing weight.

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  1. Hey there,
    I am Birkenstock Sandals, a 87 years old & play tennis 3 times in a week with people much lesser than my age. I am using the old school new body program for quite a time & am wondered by its result. This is really a life changer.

  2. Thank you so much for this! Glad to see an honest opinion of this program. My friend also said she loved the program and I’ve been on the fence for a while, but you’ve convinced me to give it a shot. I’ll report back soon!

      1. I had this program from the link provided in your articles. And it is worth mentioning that it was a great ease to get it. i used it and i got more than what i expected.

        I would like to thank you for providing me with the require motivation through your site. thanks alot for your review.

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